Introducing QuEST WCX

The objective of WCX

WCX as Managed Service

How is WCX used?

‘Subjective’ data and their technical reference

The WCX app and its distribution

Benefit for the operator

WCX as global reference standard

WCX Reports

Creating value in customer interaction

In the telecommunications market, value is created along the customer journey. Value has to be defined from a customer perspective, because essentially it is the customers who are the source of the flow of finance in the industry.

When it comes to creating value, operators face limitations in terms of their ability to differentiate themselves. Subjectively, value is created as subscribers use their smart phones in different contexts and situations and for various purposes. Value is generated by the network and its services while interacting with users. In these interactions, it is the network side that creates value and the user side that judges it.

WCX measures all the value-creating items in the network, combining the subjective data of the user side with the objective (technical) data in the stream of interactions. In this flow, we derive subjective and objective quality data that cast a differentiated light on value. We also target value being created i.e. the value potential beyond the actual level. We use strategic references to model the optimal value and to provide signals which can be used to adapt services in way which can optimize the individual value.