The WCX app and its distribution

Beginning with WCX our app allows active and passive user communication (asking for feedback or receiving feedback). Many operators have their own app spread among the customer base. The WCX app adapts to pre-defined procedures (push service ability required).

The WCX app collects minor amounts of information that are insignificant in terms of cost.

The app runs on smart phones and communicates with a cloud database in two possible ways.

Active: the network sends a signal in case of a critical event (‘video uploaded to Facebook’) which triggers a ‘flash feedback request’. At the same time the relevant technical parameters are recorded

Passive: the user signals a problem. At the same time, the technical data is being recorded and reveals the technical background of the problem.

The technical data is transferred to the same cloud database where they are merged and analyzed.

The analytical results are constantly updated and can be accessed by authorized staff/departments of operator. Apart from network management, typical users are marketing, customer service and, in the context of personalized services, service orchestration.