‘Subjective’ data and their technical reference

Subjective Quality – Looking at business from another viewpoint

Most users have neither the means nor the interest in measuring network quality. However they perceive network quality as they use it to interact with others.

Subscribers live in an unbroken flow, where networks are organized to optimize local connections and the handover. Customers and their providers seem to live in two different worlds. But it is just the same world and network viewed from two different angles.

So we get “red-green” problems in which, for example, the technical network values are all green but customers see them as red.

Network quality from the user perspective is an impression made up of experiences in interaction. In former times the perception focused on call quality, then later browsing quality was predominant. For the impression of network quality, nowadays it is mainly about the flow of social network activities.

Perceived network quality is always an aggregation of effects that are felt by customers. They may be different by persona, time of the day, and kind of activity, but they can be ultimately measured.